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Viper Power Cycle Handcycle

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Transform your wheelchair in seconds. Transform your life for ever

The Viper power cycle turns your rigid frame wheelchair into a rugged and reliable battery powered go almost anywhere form of transport.

The Viper Power cycle is Versatile, Effective and Efficient

The Viper power cycle can be easily transported in the back of your car and be ready to use within seconds.

The Viper power cycle will transform the way that you use your wheelchair

Taking the dog for a walk for example is now easy, the kids will love it now you can keep up with them. Stroll along the beach front or meander through wooded paths. Are you a keen angler if so getting to that out of the way fishing spot is now much easier. Most places that were otherwise in-accessible such as festivals, boot sales, steam rallies and much more are now accessible thanks to the Viper.

Aircraft grade aluminium

Rugged and reliable German made Motor and controller

Li-ion batteries

Heavy duty cables and connectors

2 x V brakes

20 inch wheel for fast acceleration

Quad Bars (push to brake handle bars)

The Viper can be fitted with our Quad Bars, designed by Team Hybrid these allows those with limited hand movement to operate the brakes just by gently pushing the bars forward instead of having to pull/squeeze conventional brake levers.

The Viper is a powered quick release front attachment designed to fit the majority of fixed frame wheelchairs.

Docking system

The Viper can be connected to most rigid wheelchairs via a docking system that is permanently mounted under the wheelchair. It is lightweight, and adds approximately one kilogram to the weight of the chair. Once connected it takes only seconds to dock on.

The rear of the docking system is bolted to either the back axle or a bar going across the back of the chair. The front is bolted to the bar underneath the front of the seat. Some chairs do not have this bar, Kuschall for example. In this case we tailor a bar to the chair, which is then bolted on using the existing holes.

The docking system will add around 1 Kilogram to the weight of the wheelchair and once fitted actually strengthens the frame of the wheelchair.

Please go to the video page to view the docking on procedure.

Fatigue and Thermal Testing

The Viper with it’s docking system connected to a Quickie GPV wheelchair has succeeded in passing vigorous fatigue trials in the USA this included being drop tested 6,667 times and a multi drum (rolling road) test of 200,000 cycles without failure or the need for adjustment on any component.

The Viper also passed the stalled condition protection test. (The motor is switched on and the throttle is turned to the on position and the brakes are applied this is kept up for a set length of time). This test is done to make certain that the electronic controller will not burn out under certain strenuous conditions.

The Viper also passed the Maximum thermal drive test. This is done by running the motor as slow as possible for a set period, 45 Mtrs (147.6 ft) in 10 minutes. Motors are less efficient when running slow so this test is performed to make sure that the motor will not get to hot and burn out. In fact the Heinzmann motor has a thermister built in and this cuts the power when the motor does get to hot. This would happen under extreme conditions and once cooled down will work again as normal.

(Please note we can not fit our hand cycles to folding wheelchairs)

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